Yep Silent Hunter 5

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I can’t for the life of me get Silent Hunter 3 or 4 to work on my set up. I have had loads of help from the chaps over at Sub-Sim and between us we can’t get anywhere. I did manage to get them working to a point and even had a go at a few training missions but after that they just won’t boot. Short of doing a format and a full Windows install i give up. So i have heard bad things about Silent Hunter 5 but my appetite for a World War 2 Sub Simulation is just to great and i have heard some mods can make it ok. It only cost me a few quid and it runs on my machine.

Just a short note to say i am going into a few days of exams with a course i have been doing at work so i’m in full revision mode. I will continue to read your blogs of course but i won’t be doing any serious simming or gaming until i finish this stuff. Probably a week or so.

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