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I have literally had no time to pursue my hobby at all. Which is why it has been slightly quiet around here. I have managed to get some scenarios going in Steal Beasts Pro in anticipation of the new release but nothing to shout about. I have been considering getting Silent Hunter 4 with all the mods on my hard drive in an effort to expand on the Naval stuff here. So this weekend barring any disasters i will have a go and report back promptly.


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  • RangerX3X


    IMHO SH3 is far better than SH4 (even with the German U-Boat expansion pack). I have both (as well as DW & NW:AC) and all I seem to play of any of them is SH3. I guess it is a matter of personal taste in the end: I really tried to get into Wolves of the Pacific but it just did not feel like a Silent Hunter game to me.


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