We Fight and Die Here AAR Part 1

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Following some advice from “Bletchley Geek” I decided to try the “We Fight and Die Here” scenario in Command Ops.

These scenarios are based on historical fact and as such i took the unusual step for me to read up on  what happened in an effort to improve my overall situational awareness. Before i started reading i wasn’t to sure if this would help or not but it would still be interesting nonetheless.

It turns out that reading up about this particular part of the Battle Of The Bulge helped me immensely. Another interesting note about this particular scenario is the fact it was the last ever German Airborne Operation of the European War (Operation Stosser). That story in it self is worthy of a Hollywood movie. Oberst von der Heydte was given one week to set this operation up and he had everything going against him. Most of his troops had never jumped before, it was to be a drop at night in hills and forests with a vague idea of the amount of enemy troops in that area and to top it all off it was snowing and some of the pilots had never flown the type of aircraft that would make the drop. It was a miracle they even got off the ground let alone parachute.

Anyway back to the mission in hand.

My orders are to………

Defend these 3 points on the map from a force of Germans consisting of a lot of armour.


This force is going to come from the East. I have command of the 1st Infantry Division famously known as The Big Red One. With just over 4000 troops at first it seems i have plenty to manage a strong defence but i could always do with more. My main focus to the East is to defend Dom Butgenbach an important route into the area.



I deploy A B C Company of the 26th Infantry Regiment in some pine woods west south-west of Dom Butgenbach and order them to dig in facing the approach. 4 other company’s of the 26th i order to move South to hit them hard from the North with artillery fire in support. The rest of the units are to defend in situ for the time being because after reading into this battle i can expect some of those Airborne troops to land somewhere close.


I start the clock. After a short pause the first of the enemy troops come down the road from the East. These consist of a small force of Engineers i can only assume that they are a recce force. Well i better let them know we are here and i launch a short artillery bombardment on them which stops them in their tracks. Soon after a larger force arrives of Infantry and Armour. My first plan of attacking from the North with the 4 Infantry companies works well. This allows me to pour on the Artillery.

This is the picture so far. Fierce fighting to the South and West but the troops are holding out well. The fight is on! Part 2 to follow.


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  • chris


    great AAR. eager to read more. I’ve been debating for weeks if I should jump back into this game.



    • mule


      I was the same Chris. Took me ages. I started reading up about the Battle Of The Bulge and that got me motivated to get to into it. Really enjoying it now.


  • RangerX3X


    Great AAR you have going here. I have yet to try this scenario so I am eager to see how this develops. I know you are busy with beta testing another game at the moment, but you should come back to this and finish it out when you can find the time.


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