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I took the plunge and spent my pocket-money (£5.99 cough) on this title. It’s still in early development and i have got the early access version hence the price. To be honest at these prices i wasn’t to bothered either way but i am pleased to say that it is actually quite good. This video will give you a good idea of what it all entails in terms of game-play. It is a bit of a click fest but not as bad as some titles. Tactics actually work and you can at times put it on pause sit back and think about your next move. The most satisfying thing for me is the way you control and move your troops. You select the unit and drag an arrow out in the direction you want them to go. Not just a straight line but you have the ability to put in a flanking curve move. This part of the game works really well. It’s hard to criticize a game in early development so i wont.

Gettysburg is an incredibly famous battle from the American Civil War and history buffs will love this. I’m not an expert on the subject but this era of warfare has always fascinated me. Come on one of my favourite movies is Glory 🙂

I scored a minor victory in a tense battle after about 10 goes.

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