To Many Games

Written by Phil on . Posted in Articles


My desktop and Steam account is overflowing with titles that I have only played for over a couple of hours each but I know I want to play them. As such when I do have an hour or so I spend a lot of time just looking at what to do. I end up doing 10 minutes of this 10 minutes of that and I don’t get anywhere and never learn anything.

So with that in mind I decided to cut back and take off all but 3 games. So now I’m trying to decide what those 3 are going to be.

So far I have the list down to these and these are in no particular order.

  1. Hearts Of Iron 3 (unfinished business here)
  2. Command Modern Air Naval Operations
  3. Graviteam Tactics Operation Star
  4. DCS – Various Modules
  5. Steel Beasts Pro
  6. Steel Armor Blaze Of War
  7. Command Ops 2
  8. ATC Simulations London Control and Tracon 2012
  9. Dirt Rally
  10. Don Bradmans Cricket.
  11. BMS Falcon 4.0
  12. FSX – PMDG 737-800 and Q400



This is a culled list and I can only have 3. After just typing that list I know I want Command Modern Air Naval Operations in the 3 because it cost me a fortune and I have just got it. Let me think about this.