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The 3 objectives for me are not to be tackled at all at once. The briefing says the Germans are going to get reinforcements from the north and I want to stop them or at least delay them from busting through to help there friends out. So I’m going to send a blocking force to the north west and hopefully get them in a good defensive position in anticipation of this force.

While they are in place I’m going to launch an attack on the northern most objective with a reserve force in place to flank any positions that may need it. I want to punch a hole right through the German positions so I can get to the rear if that is possible. So I want an armoured assault to do this. Not the most intricate of plans but like me i like to keep it simple.

If that works out I can prevent the reinforcements from helping out, I might have a chance then to look south at the other objectives but for the time being I’m going to be patient and not greedy.

Burning Metal Plan 1

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  • chris


    Phil its a good plan. There is a lot of open ground up there and if you can draw the Germans out of Ede you should be able to knock them back with artillery.


  • Doug


    Simple plans are the best. Many’s the time I’ve concocted some elaborate double envelopment idea, only to realize in execution that what I’ve actually done is divide my force up to be slaughtered piecemeal when a critical part of my force gets hung up.

    Fix the enemy and then smash him with a flanking attack. Good plan 🙂


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