The Harrier-air to air – Part Two

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In part one the set up was fairly simple.

  • Head On.
  • 16000ft.
  • 500 knots.
  • All aspect IR missiles
  • Mirage 2000 v Harrier.

In part two all of the above except guns only. Now I have to really work hard to have any chance of getting behind the Mirage.

In the left MFD I select the guns. This changes heads up display symbology. I then select Master Arm On (bottom left)


This is called a RIGHT – RIGHT head on pass. Extremely close.


In the first turn I loose the bandit in the sun. Not a great start. Only seconds have passed since the merge.


Looking back the bandit is now clearly in my deep 6 o’clock. I am in deep Sh#!


The bandit lets rip and blows my right wing off. I am at low level.


Eject! Eject! Eject!


I make it with just seconds to spare. The Mirage fly’s off into the sunset.


This all happened within a few minutes. On this occasion I think I can safely say “I got my ass handed to me”

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