The Harrier-air to air – Part One

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The Harrier During the Falklands War scored 20 kills with 0 loses in the air to air roll. However 2 were lost from ground fire, 30mm AA and a Roland missile. 2 were also lost to accidents.
The skill and bravery of the Argentinian pilots were without question. They were highly trained and highly motivated.

I know DCS Harrier is a different version to those that fought down in the cold, south Atlantic but ever since reading Sandy Woodward’s 100 days I have always been interested in having a go at some dog-fighting in a Harrier cockpit with the AIM 9 Sidewinder against supersonic jets and seeing what happens. Not a scientific approach I know but a lot of fun none the less.

Part 1 is a set up using just the Sidewinder. In Part 2 it’s guns only both have very different outcomes.

I set up against a Mirage 2000. Fast and manoeuvre this is going to be a formidable foe.

Head on from about 2 miles I get the growling tone from the sidewinder followed by the familiar screech.


FOX 2 !


All aspect sidewinders were certainly not available for the pilots flying Jump Jets during the Falklands War. This is all to easy.


Boom! End Game!


OK, so all aspect is just to easy. In part 2 it’s guns only followed up by rear aspect only missiles.

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