The Best Squad Based Tactical Wargame

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The best game I have come across that tries to implement a basic attack by an infantry section (squads for most other armies) has to be Brothers in Arms by Gearbox. The whole game was built around such an attack. Taking these tactics to a larger scale seems to be quite difficult. Combat Missions, it could be argued do a good job but anything larger than company-sized attack’s become time-consuming because of the micromanagement. That’s not a slight on what is a fantastic tactical war-game but just in the context of this overall look at games, it applies. I always find myself coming back to Command Ops but I feel the maps need more functionality and detail.
So what is all this? What the hell am I going on about?
Over the last 5 or 6 years, I have been looking for that perfect war-game, for me and I really mean that in a selfish way. Time is ticking and I can’t make games.

So the question is what do I want?

The List

1. World War 2 or anything up to about 1970.
2. Phases – like Graviteam have implemented 3 or more in-depth phases that really work together.
3. Hands off higher command order system.
4. Logistics. It simply has to be there. You can’t fight battles without out it and it provides so much more to think about and forces you to think so much more about what you are doing.
5. Maps. Great big maps. Small maps for detail medium maps for focus. These maps have to be great to look at. Grid references, contours and lots of detail.
6. Combat support. Artillery, Recon, Armor, and Air. Make these systems really good to use with a great UI.
7. Emphasis on land battles. Don’t try and do the whole theatre. Battalion scale.
8. Detailed equipment with an emphasis on real effective weapon ranges.

And that’s it I suppose. Not much to ask is it? 😉

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  • Chris


    I agree with this list completely and I LOVED the Brothers in Arms series. I would love to still play them.


    • Phil


      Hi Chris. I still do play them every now and then. Still really enjoy them.


  • Bil Hardenberger


    This is looking like it might fit the bill:

    It won’t be perfect, no H2H at first, its RT, and only available on Steam which I personally dislike. Also I don’t think there will be a mission editor available for this game. Still, it does tick a lot of boxes and will be worth a closer look.


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