Tank Warfare Tunisia

Faid Pass Part 1 – Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943

March 16, 2018

I haven't made or posted a video to my YouTube channel for over a year. Now I have.┬áStarting with a small campaign in Tank Warfare Tunisia The Faid Pass.  

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Tank Warfare – Tunisia 1943

March 1, 2018

It is freezing here in the UK and countries that are actually cold and experience this sort of thing all of the time are laughing at us and our ineptitude. I work in quite a remote place on the side of a mountain and as such have been sent home.This weather has now given me time to get stuck into Tank Warfare Tunisia. Battle Intensity I have always liked and enjoyed Graviteams stuff but never really got into Mius Front or Tank Warfare Tunisia. I read this post and it suddenly perked my interest again. The first battle I set...

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