Tally Ho!!!!

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After reading this post earlier last week I decided to get the Team Fusion Mod for Cliffs Of Dover. For anyone who doesn’t know Cliffs Of Dover when released had a very poor reception but now with a fantastic community mod it is right up there with the best World War 2 Combat Flight Simulations around if not the best. Stunning visuals and a hardcore approach to the overall simulation it has once again stimulated my interest in this era of flying and fighting. I have had a few dogfights online with me getting my butt spanked for an hour or so and then I started getting some kills which I have to say was very satisfying and the first time I have shouted “YES!!!”  while playing a game in years.

I’m going to tackle the longer missions when time allows. I have a week off soon and in between decorating the house I can see myself fighting in the air over The English Channel hopefully shouting “YES!!” more often.



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