Steel Beasts Pro Voice Command

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I have been trying to use the commanders crew position within the tank simulation Steel Beasts Pro. When I was In the thick of battle I found myself getting task saturated very quickly. So to make things a little easier for me I started using a voice program called GlovePie. This enabled me to give direct commands to the crew without thinking about which key to hit. I am also able to switch crew positions by just saying that name of the crew position I want. I’m not trying to emulate real life voice procedures Its just an exercise to make it easier for me to use what I think is the most interesting position within the modern tanks on offer in this great sim.

I made a quick demo of what I am actually talking about here.

Leopard 2 A5 commander's position

Leopard 2 A5 commander’s position

Fulda Gap Steel Beasts Pro

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This mission asks me to “Defend objective Midway at all costs”  This is a rare victory for me in Steel Beasts Pro as i usually get my behind handed to me all to often.

objective midway

I find with defensive tasks it pays not to get to creative which suits my simple way of thinking. I do decide however to move a platoon of M1’s as a reserve flanking unit because i think its safe to say i am going to be met by a massive wave of Russian Armour. This turns out to be true and that flanking unit save the day. You can see unit Two Alpha on the right flank push through the woods after sweeping up some enemy units and giving Ivan a hell of a beating on his left flank.

Rapid retreat from some incoming artillery.

SBProPEcm 2014-02-15 20-33-10-97


Watch the XO come in from the south and sweep up some of the mess at the end. Keen to get in on the medals when the fight is almost over. The brief video below is just the map view of the battle speeded up.

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Steel Beasts Pro Cobrabase

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One of the best series of Steel Beasts Pro scenarios played out ever. This is what this tank sim is all about.

Learnt a lot from watching this guy do this sort of stuff. Presented with great atmosphere. Must see.

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3 great books arrived today. Battle For The Bulge, It Never Snows in September and Jane’s Tank Recognition Guide. The first two are to expand on my limited knowledge of these 2 very famous battles after getting into Command Ops Battle For The Bulge which is based very accurately on the historical tactical skirmishes of that time and likewise It Never Rains In September is all about Operation Market Garden.

Jane’s recognition guide i got because i thought i knew a lot about tanks with me being an ex Infantryman in The British Army but it turns out i know nothing after playing Steel Beasts Pro. Plus i find the subject quite interesting anyway and why not? My Dad was in the forces and as such i got to play on Armoured vehicles like the Scorpion and Spartan when i was a kid so its great reading up about these playground toys of my youth.


SB Pro Mission Design

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I have started to dive into and have a go at mission designing in Steel Beasts Pro. This SB Pro wiki is a fantastic source of information and has helped me out a lot. It has saved me from posting the often repeated questions within the forums.

My first mission is a “defend the bridges” scenario with joint European and US forces in the defence role and Russian armour in the attacking role. In SB Pro you can give the option for specific “deployment Zones” i’m quite generous with mine because for me the planning phase within this tank sim is as much fun and interest as the sim itself. Don’t get me wrong i still enjoy blowing the shit out of enemy armour but i have to admit i spend more time planning than i do fighting.