Steel Beasts Pro

Steel Beasts Pro Voice Command

  I have been trying to use the commanders crew position within the tank simulation Steel Beasts Pro. When I was In the thick of...

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Fulda Gap Steel Beasts Pro

  This mission asks me to "Defend objective Midway at all costs" ┬áThis is a rare victory for me in Steel Beasts Pro as i...

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Steel Beasts Pro Cobrabase

One of the best series of Steel Beasts Pro scenarios played out ever. This is what this tank sim is all about. Learnt a lot...

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3 great books arrived today. Battle For The Bulge, It Never Snows in September and Jane's Tank Recognition Guide. The first two are to expand...

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SB Pro Mission Design

I have started to dive into and have a go at mission designing in Steel Beasts Pro. This SB Pro wiki is a fantastic source...

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Steel Beasts Pro (Personal Edition)

It was time to get Steel Beasts Pro loaded again. You need a usb dongle to play this tank simulator and i had lost mine...

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