Steel Armor:Blaze of War

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Just got this for £3.45. I have known about it for a long time. Every review i have read has said how difficult it is to learn because the manual is next to useless and the in game tutorial confusing. I have just tried it for about half an hour and can testify all the above to be true.

However i knew it was going to be like this and i have heard once you do get your head around how it works it promises to deliver a rewarding tactical and detailed simulation. So with that said i am about to try and get my teeth into this. Driving around is great fun and it feels like a heavy tank. The maps are interesting and the options within those are numerous. This is going to take some effort to get into but it looks very promising.

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  • Doug


    I have this and have yet to play it. The UI is very much like Graviteam Tactics, and I hear the play is similar. I’m curious to hear how you like it!


    • Phil


      Yes Doug. I have that game on my wish list on Steam.


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