Silent Hunter 4 – Manual Targeting.

Written by Phil on . Posted in Latest, Naval, Silent Hunter 4


It has been about 4 years since I last had this Submarine Simulation on my pc. With a full mod installed on top of the standard game it is challenging and demands you get the manual out. I never managed to learn how to do manual targeting when I last played and always felt like I was cheating when you just point the periscope at a ship, sort of line up and fire.

So last night I sat down with a brew and some PDF files and had a go at full manual targeting. I set up a small scenario just of the Australian coast with a large Japanese merchant ship approaching from about 15 miles away. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to hit the target after spending a good 40 minutes calculating speed, bow on angle and numerous other factors and then hearing and seeing the boom of a hit after a tortuous wait for the torpedoes to hit the target.

This is of course just a small part of what is a great game after the realistic and historical mods have been installed.My next move is to try these new skills on a convoy with escort protection. The enemy AI is lethal. If they find you it’s a tense depth charge session. Looking forward to this and I’m glad I blew the dust of this.