Return To Hearts Of Iron 3

Written by Phil on . Posted in Battle


Had a good crack at this again over the weekend. The complexity of it all is not so overwhelming now. I am 1 game year into a campaign where I chose to be the Netherlands for no apparent reason other than I found being Germany simply far to big for me to tackle in terms of time. My simple plan is to align myself to the Allies in particular Great Britain as much as I can because this will afford me many options in terms of increasing my Industrial Capacity through the land lease system. Industrial Capacity for any smallish country seems to be the key to some success. Defend my border as best I can against Germany just to tie them up and keep them away from Belgium. Hope that the UK will join in the fight and look after the channel to protect my ports.

I’m glad I have stuck it out with Heart Of Iron I’m getting a lot out of this game.



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