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When I first got this game the user interface to me was appalling and I nearly gave up with it but in every forum where I was looking for hints and tips etc I found lots of comments which suggested this really is a great game and worth trying. It is great and I would say it’s right up there with the likes of Combat Missions if not better. There is so much depth here when you go digging around. The scale is fantastic without being overwhelming. The planning phases are a pleasure. The first phase is a large operational map and here you are in a sort of turn based setting moving large forces around. Then when a battle starts where you or the enemy can instigate at any time you go into a deployment phase where you have views of the battlefield, maps and your units to come up with a plan depending on the tactical situation. Then from there you move into an initial orders phase. This is a good time to start setting up prearranged artillery points with your spotters. Then its into the RTS mode where you can dictate the pace.

I have just completed a battle which gave me the opportunity to test out the games artillery and all its functions. It was stunning to see the barrage go in on some well dug-in Russian infantry the effect was great. Then have my infantry go in and attack supported by some armor. The overall feeling of a large-scale but manageable battle had me grinning from ear to ear.

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