Pushing South

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Theatre Of War 2 – Battle For Caen

We continue South and in our next phase of the campaign. We have a multitude of objectives given to us to take on. So I break it down into phases and this being phase one.

This is an overview of my opening phase to take objective one. Like all my plans nothing fancy or complex. As always I made a video of the battle. In this we find one outstanding 88 gunner who deserves a medal for his incredible bravery.

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  • RangerX3X


    This is definitely a game that punishes you for poor tactical decision making and unit management. You just can’t throw a blob of tanks or infantry at an objective and expect anything short of a disaster.


    • Phil


      Yep. Not as hardcore as others but you are right a bit of tactics does go a long way. I’m having great fun playing this. Nearly gave up on it before I even started.


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