Back In The Viggen

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This is my favourite DCS module. Even with the release of early access F/A-18C which I have been waiting years for the Viggen has a feel that really makes me think I am in a late cold war jet.

It’s easy to start up and fly, difficult to learn but not at all frustrating. The biggest hurdle which happens to be the most fun for me is the navigation computer (the C37). It’s an early form of digital age computers and you can clearly see the first steps into the modern technological age we find ourselves in now. I have started to build a mission that I think captures the atmosphere of the cold war. Of course it’s low level and it’s fast as the AJS37 thrives in this sort of profile. I’m using high drag bomblets on targets that should give some spectacular secondary explosions because admit we all like a good explosion………come on.

Gunship 1999

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Another retro title that I missed because I was to poor to afford a computer back then. I installed this on my purpose built retro PC. The first thing that struck me was how good the graphics were. Even by today’s standards they are not to shabby and I even said out loud “Wow!”.  It’s far from a study simulation such as Janes Longbow 2. One really nice feature that I am having great fun in trying is just playing as the weapons officer. The optics are really good to use and switching from thermal imaging to the day sight and zooming in on a target is so satisfying.

Real World Fighter Pilots – Tutorials and Discussions.

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Over the past few weeks I have been learning the basics of the early access DCS F/A-18C. This has been enhanced greatly by the exceptional and invaluable contributions from former and current fighter pilots who have flown this aircraft. I wish I was more articulate to get across how deeply this pleases me. Whenever I am learning something like this I always have that nagging question in the back of my head “would a real fighter pilot do it this way?”.

The two channels below have been a great asset for me and many others so far. I am sure if you have this simulation you will have come across these but for anyone that hasn’t please make sure you tap into this stuff if you’re interested in doing it like it it is done in real life.


A.E.W – Videos


LEX – Videos

Flashpoint Campaigns

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I’ve been waiting a long time to get Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm. The price for me was way over the top but Steams Summer Sale have it for £10 and that I could not refuse. I’ve really enjoyed seeing others play this and the Cold War era is what I want to play at the moment. Can’t wait to get stuck into this.


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A 900 plus flight manual for the F/A-18C as used by real world pilots to learn and reference everything you need to know to operate the aircraft arrived today. I always like a hard copy of these things. The best thing about this for me is that it really applies to the DCS module. This is the place they get there data and other sources of course to build this fantastic simulation.

You can get a digital copy for free from this page