Combined Arms

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The choice was to either get Combined Arms (another DCS module) or Arma 3 Alpha. I decided to get Combined Arms because i just wasn’t sure about paying £20 for an Alpha and later having to pay for the full version. Anyway the decision has been made.

Combined Arms is not a full on war simulation and i think it kind of falls somewhere in between Arma and Steal Beasts Pro. Which is not a bad thing it’s  just a different approach. I’ve only spent a couple of hours playing around with it but already I’m starting to like it. Limited yes but a lot of fun.

combined arms


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All i have been doing lately with regards to anything simulation is DCS stuff. No apologies , it really is the best stuff out there at the moment for just the shear joy of flying from the desktop. I have to admit and as you can see from previous posts I found the P-51 Mustang to be a bit underwhelming but after getting into the manual and reading about this awesome aircraft i have top say this is slowly becoming a favourite. The flight model is superb. Of course i have never flown any aircraft but this one really makes me feel like i am flying and creates that all to elusive illusion of doing just that. If you haven’t already got it and are just thinking about it, stop that now and buy it!

I was doing some low level flying in the hills this evening.



Easy CBU-97 tutorial.

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As promised I made a very quick and easy CBU-97 tutorial for the DCS A10. No cuts it’s all live so you can see the mistakes I make. Nothing to technical but a quick handy reminder and guide to get you going. Next time I’m going to make a more in depth version with the intention of showing how you can use the on board computer to allow for wind correction.


DCS A-10c CBU Quick Tutorial

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I am in the process of making a quick and easy tutorial on how to deploy the CBU-97 in DCS A-10c. I have noticed quite few hits on this blog come from people doing searches with this particular weapon. So if I can help then great!

Watch this space and it should be up in a day or so.



DCS P-51 Mustang

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I had to get it. I have been looking at getting this from DCS for awhile now. It’s not a full World War 2 environment it’s just the Mustang within DCS World and that’s why i was reluctant to get it. However i made the plunge a few days ago and i have had a few flights. It is great to fly and it feels like the best WW2 era plane i have ever flown. I have to admit and even though i knew this beforehand i am disappointed there are no missions to test your skills in. I can easily set something up in the awesome mission editor but i am lazy and want all that done for me. Anyway i am far from mastering this great aircraft and will return hopefully with great dogfight stories from the multiplay viewpoint. That i think is where it’s strength lies.