My Lack Of Tactical Understanding.

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Let me get this out there from the off. I am an ex Infantryman. I served in a regiment in the British Army called The Royal Green Jackets now known as The Rifles. I did a full 6 years which is not very long in the grand scheme of things of course but you would think i would be able to at least have a good understanding of infantry tactics on the battlefield. My training consisted mainly of fighting the Russians in a European theatre of war.

Anyway it turns out I don’t really know that much at all when i read what people share when giving tutorials in simulations like Steal Beasts (tanks i know) and the Combat Missions series where if you apply realistic tactics it rewards you with success.

I of course do know the basics but I think my main problem when approaching these things was my ignorance in thinking i know best when clearly i don’t. So i have started making notes where i went wrong and I still am for that matter. I’m making notes on how i fixed these problems through the investigation of gaining knowledge. I’m hoping i can share this one day so that someone may find it useful.

It’s nice to be humbled and I’m enjoying this learning process immensely.



Silence The Guns

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I managed to find a bit of time this evening to have a go at one of the Missions in Combat Missions Battle For Normandy. I chose “Silence The Guns” because i heard it was designed around the famous scene from the movie Band Of Brothers where Lieutenant Winters takes a group of men to find and take out some 88’s.

I have to admit i get my butt whooped big time in this game. I do try to use some form of tactics and don’t just rush in but this is proving to be one tough nut to crack. In this mission one of my machine gun teams gets taken out right on the point of contact where i try to sneak (hunt) up to the hedgeline where the German trenches are located. After that i push all my men up to that hedge and try to win the firefight which takes a good 10 to 15 minutes. I then leave a squad of men to provide covering fire while i push the rest into the trenches for cover and get the last machine gun team to deploy to provide more covering fire.

This is about as far as i can get and then it turns ugly with 2 enemy teams of infantry and gunners opening up on us from the North West of the map. Here i have saved it and i will continue to press on to the rest of the 88’s when i can.

This game is great.

Silence The Guns

Wargame Airland Battle

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I have no idea why the Silent Hunter sims are not working on my setup but I just can't get them to run. I haven't given up and will be getting a new solid state drive in a couple of weeks so when that gets here i will try to install on a freshly formatted drive.

In the meantime I picked up Wargame Airland Battle from Steam. If Battlefront used the same control system on there Combat Missions series of games they would be far better for it. The system is very intuitive. I've had a great time in single player mode so far. I have to admit its a bit of a click fest but the hardware on offer is fantastic . I love the Cold War era of combat. This is a fantastically refreshing game and has the best interface of a RTS I have ever played. Well worth a look in.



Yep Silent Hunter 5

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I can’t for the life of me get Silent Hunter 3 or 4 to work on my set up. I have had loads of help from the chaps over at Sub-Sim and between us we can’t get anywhere. I did manage to get them working to a point and even had a go at a few training missions but after that they just won’t boot. Short of doing a format and a full Windows install i give up. So i have heard bad things about Silent Hunter 5 but my appetite for a World War 2 Sub Simulation is just to great and i have heard some mods can make it ok. It only cost me a few quid and it runs on my machine.

Just a short note to say i am going into a few days of exams with a course i have been doing at work so i’m in full revision mode. I will continue to read your blogs of course but i won’t be doing any serious simming or gaming until i finish this stuff. Probably a week or so.

Silent Hunter 3

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Well after i posted below RangerX3X suggested i try Silent Hunter 3 as he thought it was better than Wolves of the Pacific. I have the Silent Hunter 3 cd sitting on my shelf so it was a no brainer. I’m in the process of getting the mods etc and it’s a bank holiday over here in the UK so i should in theory be able to get some time on this PC. I can only hope.