The Plan

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The 3 objectives for me are not to be tackled at all at once. The briefing says the Germans are going to get reinforcements from the north and I want to stop them or at least delay them from busting through to help there friends out. So I’m going to send a blocking force to the north west and hopefully get them in a good defensive position in anticipation of this force.

While they are in place I’m going to launch an attack on the northern most objective with a reserve force in place to flank any positions that may need it. I want to punch a hole right through the German positions so I can get to the rear if that is possible. So I want an armoured assault to do this. Not the most intricate of plans but like me i like to keep it simple.

If that works out I can prevent the reinforcements from helping out, I might have a chance then to look south at the other objectives but for the time being I’m going to be patient and not greedy.

Burning Metal Plan 1

Burning Metal

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I am about to begin a Command Ops scenario created by Ranger3X. It was played out by Chris which you can read at his blog The Sharp End Gaming (both great blogs that i catch up on a regular basis.) Anyway im pleased i have found time to sit here and get stuck into this fantastic game again. Whenever life is busy and i get a bit of time i always want to do this. So hopefully i can report back with some news on how this all pans out.

I’m going to play the side of the attacking forces in the form of The US 2nd Armored division. Up against The German 1st SS Panzer Division. I have 3 objectives to my west. Reehorst in the north, Bennekom directly to the west and Wagenngen to the south.  Two major routes of approach with one in the south and one in the north and a rail track running more or less in the middle. Time to plan.

If you want to download this you can get it HERE.

Burning Metal

Dumb Bombs Dumb Pilot

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 A DCS A-10c AAR.

A good old-fashioned gun run followed by an iron bomb drop on tanks with a low altitude approach in a mountainous area. How I have missed virtual flying. This always happens, I play the hell out of a simulation and move off to do other things and then after a month or two I’m back in the cockpit. I haven’t flown DCS A-10C since 2 updates back.

This mission calls for me to search for and destroy enemy seen by recce  special forces team located in an observation hide in a hilly area to the south. I decide a low-level approach is called for here to minimise my exposure to any SAMs that have been spotted on the approach routes.

A-10 1

I am about 10 miles out from the target area. Time to get eyes on using the great targeting pod. Scanning  for a minute or so I find a possible grouping but I can’t make out what type. It is armour but we have friendlies in the area. I need to get close so I drop altitude and get into the weeds for a better approach.


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I had a fantastic time Kayaking in Scotland. Salmon leaping out of the water in front of me on a rare sunny day was a sight I will never forget.

Back to reality. It looks like I will be able to get some real gaming and simming done in the next few weeks. I have organised some online flying in the DCS series with some old multiplayer friends which is great because I don’t get to do this that often with other human beings. This weekend i have “booked” time away from my lovely family to finish some projects and get some AAR’s completed. I got a chance to have a go on a few missions of Ghost Recon Future Soldier. If anyone has it and wants to join me for some co op play then feel free to get in touch.

It’s been great catching up on all the blogs i read. You guys are pro and I wish I could to do it like you do.