Radio General Update

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I’m really looking forward to this. Just received a quick update on what’s going on.

“This month we’ve been giving the game a much-needed visual overhaul. We’ve got a new command tent and various menu views throughout the tent.

When you’re not hunched over your map, you may notice the dynamic weather and day/night cycles that change depending on the mission.

The first-round of voice-acting is complete, and each unit under your command will have unique voices so you can immediately recognize who’s talking.

We’ve implemented two kinds of artillery: on and off-map artillery. On-map artillery are regular units that can move around and be destroyed. Off-map artillery comes from longer range guns (such as warships) and can’t be destroyed. We can confirm that blasting entrenched enemy positions in preparation of an assault is very satisfying.


The Pursuit Of Retro Heaven

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I built a PC a few months ago so that I can run old simulations without the headache of trying to get them to work on current systems and modern operating systems. It can be done but it is an involved process and and can be hit and miss. It’s great having a PC that can run these games but getting hardware to work on them takes me back to the early 90’s when this was normal. It has taken me months and quite bit of cash to find something that simply works with the old simulations.

The picture below only tells half the story. At one point I was rewiring USB connections and I am useless at this sort of thing. Today I found something that works and that’s the Microsoft Sidewinder 2. It is supported by a lot of games from back in the day and I just wish I had tried this first.

So far it works really well with Janes F/A-18 and Janes F-15. All the frustration has gone and I am no able to fly these great games/simulations with a massive grin on my face.


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Sitting in the backseat of an F-14B Tomcat on a precision bombing run, at night waiting for the target to appear on a monochrome screen inches from your face really is a nerve racking and high pressured experience. You just hope you have got your switchology all done in the correct sequence and you haven’t missed anything. If you haven’t done it right then the chances of that laser guided bomb hitting your target reduces dramatically.

Black Aces High, a book that I have just read about F-14’s in combat during the Balkans war in the early 90’s describes the use of the LANTIRN in great detail. This is why I have started to learn how to use it.

Being the RIO (Radar Intercept Officer) is a new and welcome challenge in DCS or any other simulation for that matter. It’s an effort to learn and I am just scratching the surface. Luckily we have former RIO’s who also fly this and share there fantastic knowledge.

Below is a guide written by a former RIO.

Download F-14 LANTIRN Guide


Radio General

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I have been living and breathing inside the cockpit and the RIO’s pit of DCS F-14B for the last few weeks. So it was refreshing to come across something that has piqued my interest in the form of Radio General.

A while back I posted about Radio Commander. I didn’t know it had a rival but in a WW2 flavor. The screenshots on the website look superb and I can’t wait to approach a game like this with this original approach.

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