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I have spent far to much of my time learning and playing this sim. This is no game just look at the size of the manuals. It’s a good old Naval Warfare Sim concentrating on the crew positions such as Sonar and Radar. It’s very complicated and demands a lot of reading before it can be tackled in any way. I have had this for years and it’s just been sitting on my shelf after a few attempts at it. Anyway I read an old review i happen to come across and this got me to blow the dust off and have a go. I’m glad I did. I know this is supposed to be Flight Simulation and to justify that you can fly the MH-60 Helicopter. 🙂



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  • Marco


    DW is really a great sim! If you are once familiar with the basics, jump to http://www.subsim.com and try on of the mods….especially the RA-mod gives you basically a new version of the game (enhanced AI, more platforms etc.)


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