Market Garden – Combat Mission Campaign

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Admittedly I’m running this game in Basic Training Mode (go easy on me I’m an amateur) The last few missions I have played I have been getting very good results. I am a lot more patient now and stick to the basics at all times. I suppress and gain fire superiority and then flank or assault in bounds. I am careful not to expose the troops and I don’t want to get anyone killed needlessly. I know this stuff is obvious.

Anyway I decided to tackle the Market Garden Campaign and I got 2 stunning (by my standards) results on the first two missions. I felt in control and when things got a bit hectic I always had a plan and executed it well. Patients is defiantly the key here for me. I am now going to move on from Basic Training and move into the harder modes.

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  • RangerX3X


    There is nothing wrong with beating a game on easier settings, I play a good many games that way and incrementally increase the difficulty once I have tactics and strategy down (much the same as you are probably going to do in advancing with this game). I never got the hyper-generalized AAR objectives of “secured” or “failed” as they don’t convey what you were up against, such as “take hill 337” or “defend the bridge”.


  • Phil


    I know what you mean Ranger. It has taken me a long time to really put my own ideas and approach into this sort of gaming. The easy modes are there for a reason.

    Really enjoying your blog. Your on a purple patch mate 🙂


  • Chris


    Hi Phil. Great job. This game can be unforgiving so these are really good results no matter what mode. I don’t have the Market Garden Module but I do have the Italy one. I have been trying to teach myself to be patient as well and ended up generating one good result because I didn’t blitzkrieg across the map.


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