Marathons Run. Back To The Battle.

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I have completed The Glencoe Marathon and you can read and see a few photos over at my running blog if this  interests you in anyway. I ran about 400 miles in total for the training and as you can imagine took up  most of my spare time although in my defense I did try to keep things up to date around here and found time to learn to play a few games etc.

Now that I can do more of this I am looking at taking on some new stuff. What that “stuff” is I have no idea I just know I want to try new things war/simulation/battle/tactics/strategy related. So a broad spectrum of things I know. I have to be honest with myself I am never very good at doing a series. My interest jumps around so much. The thing is I really enjoy reading other blogs when they do a series on any game. It’s as if they are telling a great story. I’m just not very good at that.

Anyway enough rambling. I’m off to search for some stuff and give my tired ass a rest.

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