28/12/2018A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGGPEGLL75.2FL050So good to be back flying this superb simulation after such a long break.
02/03/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGCCEGLL70.8FL090All good until the approach and then it was another wild ride to get on the ground. Sweating buckets.
23/02/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGLLGRTS1596FL340Nice flight. Went for a piss when I came back ALARMS! Landed ok.
22/02/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGCCEGLL63FL090Nice simple flight. Although I had issues with fuel.
20/02/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGLLLFBO661FL330Great flight no problems the FSLabs A320 is superb.
19/02/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGCCEGLL154FL0901st flight PC crashed. Just banging in hours for British Airways.
10/02/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsLFMNEGLL605FL340Landed at the wrong airport FFS! Aircraft doing all sorts of funny stuff.
23/01/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGLLLFMN876FL330Heathrow to Nice. Went well. Need to look at where FSLabs get flight plans.
22/01/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGCCEGLL170FL090Good flight. More of a test to see if it will work ok. It did.
10/01/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGLLEGCC165FL080Approach to high. Had to hand fly it. No problems landing.
09/01/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGCCEGLL167FL090Rudder peddles didn't work on taxi. All good after that.
08/01/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGLLEGCC167FL080Back to EGCC. Nice flight. Take-off ok now.
08/01/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGCCEGLL158FL090Mirrored flight below. Approach went pear shaped. Managed to land.
08/01/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGCCEGLL158FL090First flight for Virtual Airline British Airways. Problems again on take-off. Deleted fuicp cfg file and then it worked.
06/01/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGGPEHAM270FL190Took all day to sort a problem out with takeoff in the A320. Was glad when this flight was over.
03/01/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsEGCCEHAM270FL230Extremely windy day using real weather. Autoland in these conditions worked really well.
02/01/18A320 - Flight Sim LabsLOWWEKCH500FL390Tutorial flight for FS Labs A320. Superb!
02/12/17Q400EGCCEKKA492FL210Great flight to Denmark. No problems and really good landing for a change.
02/12/17Piper CherokeEGPBEGEF23FL0502nd leg of the ATWT. Poor weather, bad visibility good navigation no gps just VOR.
30/11/2017Piper CherokeEGPMEGPB27FL0501st leg of my attempt at a around the world trip (ATWT). Went well good landing and good to be off.
24/11/17Piper CherokeEGCCEGNF56FL050VFR test. I need to learn how to manage my engine and carb and everything else ffs! Was a cold day here in the UK and nearly crashed with ice building.
12/11/17Q400EGGPEIDW131FL180A repeat of the last flight but this time done in VR. Fantastic flight. Took my breath away how good the clouds looked. Thanks to Active Sky Cloud Art.
12/11/17Q400EGGPEIDW147FL180Failed to isert the correct airway in the FMS resulting in lots of bitching from air traffic control. Good flight though.
03/11/17Q400EGCCEGPH200.5FL200Let the aircraft get away from at times. Radar contact was busy. Had to go around aircraft on the runway. Landed ok afterwards though. Brilliant stuff.
02/11/17Q400EGCCEGLL195FL170All done in VR. Getting to know the Q400 well now. Good flight manual approach and landing.
13/04/17A318EGCCEDDV585.1FL370One of the best flights. Going to fly this route in real life soon.
12/04/17A318EGCCEHAM269FL210First non training flight. Went well with a long set up.
11/04/17A318LOWILFMN448FL320First training flight in the Airbus. Brilliant all done in VR Great landing.
25/05/15Q400EGGDEGLL196.1FL110Really good start. Off centre on landing.
14/05/15Q400EGNSEGKK304.9FL120Took ages to setup. Bad approach but a good landing in the end.
08/05/15Q400EGCCEGPH227FL120Great landing and a really nice flight.
7/05/15Q400EGNXEGPH211FL210Really enjoying the Dash 8. Did some touch and go's and then went to Edinburgh.
03/05/15737-800EGGPEHAM190FL120Not flown in months. Did a mad landing.
18/07/14Q400EGPHEGBB250FL120Lots of turbulence. Good flight.Bad approach. Landing not great.
16/07/14Q400EGGPEGPH158FL180Throttle went wobbly during the flight (cured). Good landing.
12/07/14Q400EGCCEGPH176.8FL180Good approach. Need to practice manual landing.
12/07/14Q400EGLLEGCC251.2FL180Radar Contact messed up. Good landing.
02/07/14737-800EICKEGGP263.8FL290Great short flight. All apps. Good vectors using Radar Contact.
11/05/14737-800EHAMLEPA842.4FL350Didn't descend on time. Good landing though.
09/05/14MD-11FEGGPEHAM317.1FL210Good set-up. Nice flight. High on approach , no GS? Dodgy landing.
08/05/14737-800EGGPEHAM317,1FL210Used all the apps. Great flight.
07/05/14MD-11EGLLLOWW610.7FL350Learning to fly the MD-11 again. Great plane.
03/05/14PMDG 737-800EGLLLEIB797.5FL350Very good. Radar Contact, EFB, Ipad FMC all worked really well. Best flight ever.
03//05/14PMDG 737-800EGKKEHAM283.3FL210Really good considering i haven't flown for 3 months. Great landing!
13/02/14PMDG 737-800EGGPEICK426FL190Problem with engaging ILS need to che freq. Bit of a hard landing nearly run out of runway. Short runway at Cork.
29/11/13PMDG 737-800EGGPEHAM323.2FL230Radar Contact with new voices working really well. Stormy weather. Autopilot struggling. Good flight.
28/11/13PMDG 737-800KLAX KABQ613.1FL380First flight in US for ages came in to steep at ABQ had to go around then landed ok.
28/11/13PMDG 737-800EGLLEHAM244.1FL230No problems good flight enjoying PFPX
28/11/13PMDG 737-800EGGPLFPG380FL380Lost EZDOK on approach managed to autoland, mouse froze.
25/11/13PMDG 737-800EGLLELLX298.5FL290PFPX again with TOPCAT works really well.
24/11/13PMDG 737-800EGCCEHAM269.5FL350First time using PFPX
13/10/13PMDG 737-800wEGLLLFML733FL350Messed up the start by switching off APU before transferring power to the engines.
08/10/13PMDG 737-800wLFPNLIPE520FL350Good landing great approach no problems. Runway foggy 500ft in sight.
05/10/13Cessna 172EGJJEGJJ1675000VOR to VOR navigation test.
08/04/13PMDG 737-800wEGKKLIPE664.9FL350Manual landing using the heads up display. iPad as FMC works great.
27/03/13PMDG 737-800wEGCCESSA820.8FL350Another good manual landing. Great set-up with FsBuild and Topcat again.
06/02/13PMDG 737-800wEGKKEHAM426FL250First flight of the new year using FsBuild Topcat and EFB everything went well quality manual landing.
15/09/12PMDG 737-800EHAMEGLL387.8FL170Good set up went well good ATC. Manual land plane did that veer to the right suddenly.
04/09/12Cessna CaravanBIRKBGBW694.2FL125Six leg ATW. No problems.
03/09/12Moony BravoBIEGBIRK230.9FL090Fith leg ATW. Iceland in cloudy wet conditions.
02/09/12Moony BravoEKVGBIEG335.1FL110Fourth leg ATW. Good flight a bit loopy due to wine. 🙂
02/09/12Moony BravoEGPOEKVG242.6FL090Third ATW leg. Bit of a heavy landing.
02/09/12Moony BravoEGNCEGPO258.9FL085No problems great flight good ATC.Second leg of
01/09/12CESSNA 208B G-RTW2EGNHEGNC82FL070First flight for the around the world challenge. Engine stopped after take-off all ok.
30/08/12PMDG MD-11EGLLEHAM196FL210Quick flight to try out the MD-11 again. Love it.
27/08/12PMDG 737-800EGKKEHAM256.4FL190Having issues with traffic. Must be vox atc not interacting with my traffic.
24/08/12PMDG 737-800EGPPEHAM397FL230Testing VOX ATC all went well good landing.
15/08/12Cessna 172EGJJEGKK262FL050First proper flight in GA aircraft using VOR. Should have been doing this years ago.
07/08/12Real Air Legacy.EGGPEGNS104.5FL108A quick flight messed up approach.
23/07/12PMDG 737-800 EGLLEDDM660FL320Good flight. Manual landing. Aircraft on runway near miss. IILS at EDDM 110.09
23/07/12Real Air LegacyEGGPEGNS80FL160Awesome just learnt how to use VOR/DME.
22/07/12PMDG 737-800EDDKLSZH277FL240Everything ok except needed a rapid decent for some reason.
10/07/12PMDG 737-800EGLLEHAM290FL210Nice flight. 45 minutes to prepare and a nice manual landing.
08/07/12PMDG 737-800EGPPLFPG488FL150Strange behaviour with FScrew on pushback. Hard to set approach into Paris.
07/07/12PMDG 737-800EGKKEGPF504.9FL190Good pre-flight hit LOC to early messed up approach a little but recovered no problem.
07/07/12PMDG 737-800EDDMLEBL805FL350Didn't check all doors. Cargo open. Idiot.
04/07/12PMDG 737-800SBBRSBRJ590FL240Nice flight. Short runway landing nearly crashed.
02/07/12PMDG 737-800LOWIEHAM702FL320Quality flight
29/06/12PMDG 737-800EGLLEHAM279FL230New PC awesome flight manual landed.
18/06/12PMDG 737-800EGLLEGPH461FL190Radar Contact stopped working fist time with Active Sky.
17/06/12PMDG 737-800EGCCEHAM340FL190First time using FSCrew. Very cool.
17/06/12PMDG 737-800LFMNLICJ609FL250Good Landing.
16/06/12PMDG 737-800EGLLEGPH461FL190LS 06 Dodgy landing yaw to right?
07/06/12PMDG 737-800EGCCEHAM340FL230Trying Topcat out.
01/07/12PMDG 737-800EGCCEHAM340FL240Pc working ok having problems lately.
01/07/12PMDG 737-800EGCCGCLP2243FL350Pc didn't overheat.
25/05/12PMDG 737-800EDKKEHAM228FL230Trying out Electronic Flight Bag.
24/05/12PMDG 737-800EGKKEHAM228FL240Revision after a long break. A lot to learn again. Can't wait!