In at the deep end – Gary Grigsby’s War In The East.

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A sale on Steam including Don to the Danube and Lost Battles DLC all for 33 quid was an offer I couldn’t refuse. This title has been on my wishlist for many months but the high price was to much for me.


I’m going to approach this long term. Just reading through the manual and my mind is blown at the scale of this game. However small steps at a time and I think I will finally get my head round this. I’m reading Antony Beevor’s Stalingrad at the moment and I am already seeing the depth of historical accuracy this simulation offers of that part of the war. Of course I am no expert I am an amateur looking in and trying to get tips from the experts. I have found some helpful videos on YouTube and the tutorial is guiding me through some tricky concepts.


This is a big project for me and that’s exactly how I am approaching it. I know this is ambitious but eventually I want to tackle the whole campaign. In a way it’s like starting a 10 thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. It’s not going to be finished over night but you will enjoy the long process of putting it all together.

I hope!


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  • Casey


    It’s really a great game and it’s amazing how well it’s held up over time. Decisive Campaigns : Barbarossa fills a similar niche, but just doesn’t seem to have the same shine as WitE.

    I wrote a bunch of tutorials, you can find the guide at Steam, or at

    The early scenarios are fun to learn with, there’s a ton of movement, things are changing, the battlefield feels quite fluid. The later scenarios, Bagration and such, take on an entirely different feel. Just when you think you’ve learned the game you realize it has another layer to master.


    • Phil


      Thanks Casey. Really enjoying it. I know I am going to be playing this for years to come. I will check out your tutorials. Many thanks for the link.


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