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I have been busy handing off targeting data from my targeting pod to bore sight my Maverick missiles. This is now the new language of BMS 4.33. I have been plowing through the new tutorials in order to learn all the new stuff that has been added to this fine sim. They have done a great job and it is now even more realistic. The Mavericks for instance used to be quite an easy air to ground missile to launch, now it’s got to be one of the more complex weapons to set up and use adding more demand in an already busy environment. Add in some realistic weather and terrain following radar capabilities the tactical decisions before each mission become critical which of course is the way it should be.

So I have set up a mission where I have to take out any armor I find defending a bridge in mountainous terrain at a given location. Tough so far but I’m doing this at night the weather is awful so I have to fly low………even harder. The target is a very long way from my airfield so I have to refuel on the way to target and refuel before I get home.  Oh and the target area is defended by IR surface to air missiles, Tripple A and a mobile SAM.

Should be fun.



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  • JC


    I agree with you. BMS 4.33 is just great.
    Looking forward to see more of it in your blog!


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