Tank Warfare – Tunisia 1943

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It is freezing here in the UK and countries that are actually cold and experience this sort of thing all of the time are laughing at us and our ineptitude. I work in quite a remote place on the side of a mountain and as such have been sent home.This weather has now given me time to get stuck into Tank Warfare Tunisia.

Battle Intensity

I have always liked and enjoyed Graviteams stuff but never really got into Mius Front or Tank Warfare Tunisia. I read this post and it suddenly perked my interest again. The first battle I set up was really  intense and reminded me how good these games are. The noise and the high quality visuals are fantastic. In larger battles you can zoom in on local actions where a tank is trying to destroy a threat or a group of soldiers far away from that are trying to take out a well defended bunker. Tank Warfare gives you all this and asks you not to micro manage. That is the key. The AI will do a good job if you don’t fiddle about with it and concentrate on tactics and strategy. The user interface has always been a bone of contention with some people. However if you have a bit of patience and are willing to learn how it all fits together suddenly it will click and you realise you have a powerful tool in your grubby hands.


Artillery in this game has always been quite tricky but I found an old video I made for Mius Front which is still applicable to this that helped me out with that. I completley forgot I  made this and found it through a google search which was a bit odd.

SABOW Update.

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Steel Armor Blaze Of War has had a “remastered update” This will be released on the Steam Platform soon.


– updated to the recent version of Graviteam Tactics Operation Star engine
– international version (Eng/Rus in one package; determined from the OS language)
– slightly modified interface and adjusted game mechanics
– revised Iran and training battlefields
– M60 and T-62 interactive cockpit
– M60 and T-62 driver night vision devices added

If you bought the game earlier, simply re-download it in your library.

sabow update