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For years I have wanted to take on a project like this and I have finally started it today. Flying around the world in a flight simulation really isn’t that easy. Us sim nerds are deeply interested in realism and all the hassle that goes with it.
I recently purchased the Piper Comanche 250 from Accu Sim. I am not usually a general aviation flyer but when I read reviews pitching this as one of the most realistic aircraft to be simulated on PC I had to have a look. I’m not interested in flying these distances in a 737-800 or 777 for that matter. This has to be balls to the ceiling proper flying. This means using VOR and NDB’S for navigation (I will have a GPS) and fuel constraints. The beauty and the reason why I finally managed to get this project underway is that the Comanche simulates wear and tear. You have to look after it or it will bite you in the ass. If your spark plugs get dirty because you’re not starting it in the correct way as per the checklist, the simulation will let you know. The cockpit vibrates if you don’t get the engine settings right and the list goes on and on. Brilliant stuff.
Attached for anyone that maybe interested is the whole route plan. This of course will change due to weather (yes that’s all realistically simulated)
My first flight starts in Scotland at Preswick Airport EGPK and hopefully takes me all the way to Cambridge in the south of England. The weather hasn’t been great lately so hopefully I will be able to depart today.
I will keep you posted.



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