F/A18 C Manual

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In anticipation of DCS’s up coming F/18C, I have been getting my hands on as much literature, media and any other stuff as I can to get clued up on what is supposed to be another study simulation surpassing the A-10 C.  I have never purchased any Haynes manuals before but I have seen them on various sites etc. Mine arrived today and it has far exceeded my expectations. Full of useful information and interesting data.

I also recently saw the documentary Jetstream about rookie pilots training to become F/A18 C fighter pilots in the Canadian Air Force. Some don’t make it. The detail that goes into the modules they all have to pass is great. So much so I have recreated the flights within DCS (in an f-15c) with some good success. I have made a video including the relevant documentary footage to demonstrate this. Just needs some editing.

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