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 A DCS A-10c AAR.

A good old-fashioned gun run followed by an iron bomb drop on tanks with a low altitude approach in a mountainous area. How I have missed virtual flying. This always happens, I play the hell out of a simulation and move off to do other things and then after a month or two I’m back in the cockpit. I haven’t flown DCS A-10C since 2 updates back.

This mission calls for me to search for and destroy enemy seen by recce  special forces team located in an observation hide in a hilly area to the south. I decide a low-level approach is called for here to minimise my exposure to any SAMs that have been spotted on the approach routes.

A-10 1

I am about 10 miles out from the target area. Time to get eyes on using the great targeting pod. Scanning  for a minute or so I find a possible grouping but I can’t make out what type. It is armour but we have friendlies in the area. I need to get close so I drop altitude and get into the weeds for a better approach.

Time to pop up. I see nothing and make a turn to the south and try to gain a bit more altitude trying to avoid getting too far above the horizon. The turbofan engines give me those vital knots. As I head south I turn the Hog with a right-wing dip so I lean over. I see a small dot near the river and a clump of trees. A quick turn to the west  I drop about 3000ft almost inverted for a rapid decent i don’t want to be hanging around here this high for too much longer. As i slew the TGP to it  immediately i see it’s an IFV BMP 2.

A-10 2

I can’t see anything else so punch in a mark point and pull off south to set up a gun run on the IFV. I line up nicely 3 miles out and gain a bit of altitude to get a nice angle on the rear of the vehicle. I get within 2000ft and give it a 2 second rip with the 30mm cannon. The cordite flows past the cockpit and i get some return fire with tracer flying up towards me and past my canopy. WUMP! WUMP! WUMP! i get hit by the stabilized 30 mm 2A42 autocannon but i’m ok.

A-10 3

I have sustained a few hits but nothing serious. I can see the secondary’s as  I turn my head to the rear with a hard bank to the left punching out a couple of flares. When I turn back I see TANKS! I only get a couple of seconds to spot what I think are T-80s 2 of them hiding at the base of some high ground. This looks like a trap. As that thought comes to mind my RWR starts chirping. Shit there is a Zeus out here. I need to find it avoid it or take it out.

A-10 4

I can’t find the AAA so I go for bomb run on the tanks. This is going to be tricky. I set everything up in the cockpit and then make a sharp turn to run in. It feels like ages before I can get the piper over the tanks and I feel very exposed. I am a massive , slow-moving target and I am well aware there could be man pads waiting to shoot me down. With a flick of my thumb on the stick I change the programme on the CMSP panel to punch out chaff and flare at higher rate as I move into target.

A-10 5

Finally I get a good cue and the angle looks good. I notice they are T-72’S not T-80 Bombs Away!!!

A-10 6



A-10 7

Banking hard to the west I peep over my shoulder to see secondary’s going off. Looks I have at least got one tank and damaged the other. If anything those guys will be to busy cleaning their pants.

I’m outta of here and back to base.

On finals i hear an alarm within the cockpit. I just presume its some system because of the hits from the BMP 2. No its me being a dumbass. Just a few seconds from touchdown i realise i don’t have my landing gear down. I hit G very quickly and just make it safely home riddled with a few holes.

A-10 8

A-10 9



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  • chris


    I don’t use any of these sims for aircraft but I always love to read the AARs. Nice screenshot of the bullet holes after the mission.


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