DCS: UH-1H Huey Range Day

Written by Phil on . Posted in DCS Huey


A wet early morning, perfect for a range day and some rocket firing at targets. It’s 06:00 and I get ready to start the Huey up.



It takes just a few minutes to get this legendary helicopter up and running. During start up I wait until the Gas Producer reaches 40% or 40 seconds pass. Whichever comes first I take my finger off the starter.




After takeoff I head to the range



Glancing over my left shoulder I make sure all the weapon parameters are set and armed ready for a run of HE Rockets with a mix of Willie Pete White Phosphorous to aid with situation awareness.



I line up as I head towards the target drop the sight and fire. Allowing for a little Kentucky Windage I manage to get a strike on my second salvo trying to avoid a direct overfly of the target area.




Weapon Away!!!




Good Hits!!!



A good mornings target practice. A quick check of fuel state and it’s back to base.




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