DCS P-51 Mustang

Written by Phil on . Posted in Combat Flight, Latest


I had to get it. I have been looking at getting this from DCS for awhile now. It’s not a full World War 2 environment it’s just the Mustang within DCS World and that’s why i was reluctant to get it. However i made the plunge a few days ago and i have had a few flights. It is great to fly and it feels like the best WW2 era plane i have ever flown. I have to admit and even though i knew this beforehand i am disappointed there are no missions to test your skills in. I can easily set something up in the awesome mission editor but i am lazy and want all that done for me. Anyway i am far from mastering this great aircraft and will return hopefully with great dogfight stories from the multiplay viewpoint. That i think is where it’s strength lies.


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