Command Ops 2 The Learning Curve

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After  following the tutorial for Command Ops 2 that I posted a few days ago I just got my first decisive victory!! I know it’s the tutorial  and my forces were far superior in equipment, supply and well, just about everything else it was still satisfying.

The best thing about it all was showing me a way to plan and approach the scenario. I took my time and studied my forces in much more detail than I normally would. I thought much more about the terrain and did the same sort of study with that. All adding up to much more enjoyable experience. Another part I thoroughly enjoyed was the less micro managing. I was looking at the bigger picture. I’m now a few hours into my next mission. This will prove to be a proper challenge I know but I don’t feel like I am flaying around in the dark anymore. Knowledge of equipment and how best to deploy is crucial I feel. I am still far from an expert but it’s another part of it that I am more confident in than what I was just a few months ago.




Command Ops 2 Tutorial.

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Command Ops 2 recently got the Greenlight for the Steam platform. Which is great news, hopefully bringing lots more players to this fantastic game.

This tutorial, no, this brilliant tutorial by a chap called Daz over at the Lock n Load and Matrix forums is a great way to show the new player a skilful approach to playing the game. Of course if you try to replicate what he has done you will probably have a different experience because the AI does not always do the same thing. This makes replay ability that much better.

If you are new or old to this game it is worth downloading just to see how this incredible document was put together.

Enjoy the game it is truly one of the greats.

command ops 2 tutorial

Command Ops 2

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I decided to get the 2nd installment of Command Ops 2 simply because it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I got the Commanders Pack for  $49.99 on the current sale. Despite not having much time to play I know in the future I will be kicking myself not to get all that content for such a great price. I have had a few goes and love the fact you can move info windows around. I have mine on a second monitor while I have the map on my main screen. It works really well and it’s nice to have the information at hand instead of digging around for it. I think I will get into this more during the winter when I will have more time to delve into it and savor some battles.

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A marginal one but still a victory. Rare for me to get these in Command Ops. I had to go through the tutorial videos to relearn a few things because i haven’t played it in such a long time. I have a little bit of time off work so i am hoping to get some game time under my belt.