Command Ops. Advance to the Sure River.

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My orders in this mission are to advance to the Sure river on a broad front in an effort to secure various crossings on the Sure river. I have at my disposal 6 battalions of infantry at various strengths some tanks and Artillery support.


My immediate concern is to get the troops through a valley onwards up a steep ridge that is covered in Forest  Tough terrain to fight in but it needs to be done. To begin with i am going to attack at 3 points with the intention of sweeping west in a large force to flank the enemy closer to the Sure river. Looking at the bigger picture i can see my forces taking casualties in the first phase of the attack. So instead of sticking to the broad front i want to take each crossing in force one by one.

That is an outline of my plan and like all plans they go tits up at the point of contact.

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