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CombatFlite is a mission and flight planning tool for DCS. 

You can insert user objects such as holding, refuelling or AWACS orbits, CAPs, SEAD CAPs, or reference points. Create flight routes by snapping way-points to airfields, nav points, reference points or orbit anchors. Move multiple overlaid objects together. Clone flights and/or organise them into packages. Navigational data are automatically calculated using an atmospheric model. Use advanced tools, such as inter-visibility plot or terrain and slope visualisation. Mark important areas by polygons, circles or labels. Export as a DCS .miz file.

One little feature that really stood out for me was the ability to set-up your countermeasures for the F/A-18C. You have to manually do this every time you fly but with CombatFlite you can do all that in the planning process which really makes a big difference in the start up process of the jet.



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