Combat Missions Shock Force 2

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I missed out on the first Shock Force because funds were low and in the end I got the Battle for Normandy version. The need to get the modern equipment version has always been there.

A generous demo version was released recently and I got a chance to have a crack at the scenarios. I am really pleased with it. I’m getting the British Forces version at the end of November when I get paid.

Final Blitzkrieg

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Combat Missions was one of those games that got me into all this tactics and strategy malarkey. Recently i downloaded the Final Blitzkrieg demo and it did not disappoint. So much so I am now saving up to buy the full game. 

The Battle Of The Bulge is the most interesting period of time of World War 2 for me. I think of the bitter cold the harsh and steep terrain the troops had to fight in and it sends shivers up my spine. 

A good ground appreciation is vital before you start making tactical decisions in this game. If you can control ground and in areas block enemy movement you can really have some great successes and it’s for this reason I particularly like this version of Combat Missions. The maps in some missions are open and undulating with plenty of woods for cover and buildings scattered about to add even more interest. All this with a few tanks and some infantry makes for some great battles. I find myself grinning from ear to ear at some points in battles. 

In one mission I was up against a Sherman tank at very close quarters against my Panther 2. Whoever could turn there turret first was in for the first vital shot. Through gritted teeth I’m saying “Come On!” “Come On!” We destroyed the Sherman and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Can’t wait to get stuck into the full game.

CMBN – Naughty Part One

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I have recently just got back from a holiday/expedition in Scotland kayaking, Wild Camping, Hamocking and drinking far to much single malt whiskey. Just before I left I started The Market Garden campaign In CMBN. I just found out I have been put on the 3 hour naughty step for taking to long in my last mission. Oh well at least my main worry now apart from the German Army is ammunition as apposed to time. 20 minutes to clear a village and take out a bunker with just 1 platoon is a bit tough in my opinion.

So here I am with 3 hours to play with (it won’t take that long) I have 2 platoons with some mortar support and a heavy machine gun. Below is the situation and my mission is take the Heurman Lock Bridge and the strongholds on the island. These strongholds include a MG bunker covering the road, HMG and anti-tank gun of some description on the otherside of the river.


CM Normandy 17-04-2015 18-49-27-205

Huge amounts of open space giving the enemy defenders great fields of fire.


 Phase One

CM Normandy 17-04-2015 18-50-23-23

Keep it simple. 1 Platoon suppress the bunker. 2 Platoon approach from the left flank. Which will give me the option to use 2 Platoon as fire support once in position.


CM Normandy 18-04-2015 10-20-15-863

2 men from 2 platoon get nailed by an AT gun hidden in the woods on the island. 1 Platoon knock out the bunker.

I am happy that 2 platoon have manged to get across the wide open ground with just 2 casualties. I platoon do a great job of suppressing and knocking out the bunker covering the road. I need to get 2 platoon into a good position to provide cover for 1 platoon and suppress the AT gun.

More to follow!

Breakout from the Neerpelt Bridgehead Part 2

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As suggested by Doug I rained in a lot of Artillery using 105 Howitzers and plenty of smoke. This got my troops across the open area on the left flank and into some farm buildings. Something took a pot shot at them and they went to ground for a few moments but then carried on. It was at this point that my forward observer who i have to take great care of as stated in the mission briefing, spotted a Flak gun sitting just off the road. Feeling quite pleased i didn’t roll any tanks or vehicles up the main road this Flak Gun turned out to be a pain in the ass with regards to developing the plan.

On the right my troops spotted another Anti Tank Gun and a damm 88. The Flak Gun was set in between some buildings and the 88 a long way off in a tree line. I called in the Artillery to try and deal with the Anti Tank Gun and managed to get a few direct hits which was kind of lucky. This allowed me to move up some tanks to help deal with the 88.

I got a platoon of troops to suppress the 88 and moved 2 Shermans through a wooded area to take care of it. This worked out really well and we soon took care of that headache. This really open up the left flank and i decided to take the safe route albeit the long route towards my objective. I had plenty of time so i used it.

That Flak Gun which was spotted early in the mission got off a shot and took out one of my Shermans due to my careless and blazing approach to that area. Luckily i always try to move tanks in support of each other ie: i move them in bounds so one tank is always covering the other. Not always that easy to do but in this case it saved me. The other Sherman managed to take it out with 2 shots.

On the approach to the exit i had to deal with some infantry but nothing to heavy. I had plenty of forces and finished with just a couple of turns of left.

My screenshot software was not working (multi monitor issue) so i took a photo of the result with my camera. Yeah it’s that important. 🙂


Breakout from the Neerpelt Bridgehead.

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This is mission 3 of the CMBN Campaign which i have had on the go and on hold for months. I find myself in this position. Tanks on the left with 2 companys of Infantry on my right. Where the crude red cross I have painted is a possible location of an Anti Tank Gun that’s causing me a lot of grief. I need to take care of it quickly.

So back to basics when using a mixture of armour and infantry and that’s to let the little guys who are hard to see to scout out exactly where that gun is. Then suppress it with A Company on the right flank and B Company to support them and cover there exposed right flank. If that works i will send in the armour to take it out. I may send in a quick Artillery barrage before this to keep any of there infantry in there foxholes. I also have air cover. So with that large open area to get across that might be the best time to use those guys. Here Goes!!

Mission 3