A Minor Victory In War In The East. A Major Step Forward.

Written by Phil on . Posted in War In The East

Any real war-gamer will chuckle at my 3 turn minor victory in this behemoth representation of Operation Barbarossa.
This was the small scenario “Road To Minsk”. Some things I am starting to understand. First you need to punch through the Russian defences with your superior panzer divisions, creating holes in the lines to allow your infantry to move through with the minimum amount of movement penalties. Then try and encircle the enemy without being to greedy. This will deny them supplies, weaken them and let you pick them off. In such a small scenario I can already see the problems of trying to get all your forces across the map to objectives in some sort of coherent unit. All this before I have to stop the enemy encircling my troops and keeping supply routes open. I am starting to see the depth and know I am only scratching the surface. Perhaps I can do this after all?