Space Simulation

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I had a week off work last week after falling down stairs and hurting my back. This gave me a great chance to catch up with some stuff I have been wanting to do for ages. I managed to get going in Elite Dangerous. I know this isn’t strictly a simulation in the truest sense but in some ways it has a lot of elements of simming built in which I found appealing. The game-play however after 20 hours is just to repetitive for me, It feels like a grind getting from one system to the next. I can’t see what else I can get out of it now which is a shame.




It did make me look further into other games like this and I inevitably came across Star Citizen. This does look more interesting but it also looks very expensive. There is whole internet argument going on about the pricing policy (you can buy a package for $18000) I’m going to leave the whole money thing there. There is no arguing that it looks fantastic and promises a lot which it looks like it can deliver. This one is for the future (tee hee) when I get some cash.


Orbiter which I have posted about previously has been getting the dust blown off it. This is a proper simulation of physics, orbital mechanics and much more. It’s fascinating to learn and I’m thoroughly enjoying the process of calculating burn times much more than one man should.


I got caught out on Steam by Ranger for buying Goat Simulator. My kids nagged me to death to get it for them so I did. I also have other titles on my library list which you will find equally amusing.

I know this has nothing to do with space. I’m saving up to get Hearts Of Iron 4 and I’m reading reports that this Paradox game is much more accessible to new players which is great news.

I’m now off to see if I can dock the Shuttle with the International Space Station.

Elite Dangerous

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I have wanted to get my hands on this game for a long time but the initial asking price was way out of my range. Steam recently had a sale on and I got it for a 10 quid. This seems to be the way I get all my games now.


I had heard that docking was particularly hard so I was looking forward to having a crack at that. Look away now because this is the bit where I say it’s easy and come across as a massive big head. It was easy. Really easy. It was a luxury to have so many dimensions to move about in. Didn’t quite line up right? no problem just put some sideslip in and if you want a bit of yaw while not moving and worrying about hovering. You space cadets have it easy 🙂


I played the original Elite (yep I’m that old) way back in the day. I didn’t really get into it but I had a lot of fun travelling around. The inerface and UI in the various menus in this game are the best I have ever seen and add so much to the pleasure of playing. I have only gone through the training menus so far and over the X-Mas period I will dive in more deeper. So far so good.