Inbound Amsterdam

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It’s been 3 months since I last did a flight in FSX. It takes me about 20 minutes to plan (if I’m honest I enjoy this part the most) it then takes 10 minutes to make sure all my controls are set correctly. Nothing more annoying than spending 20 minutes or so starting the aircraft up with the numerous checks, switches and levers and find you can’t turn on take-off (happened loads of times). Then about 2 hours of flying. I only do short flights and yes 2 hours is short in this world. Some guys do 8 to 16 hours of flying straight.

Anyway took off from Gatwick to Amsterdam with a quality manual landing on 36C.

I’m getting the WarGames out.


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I have had this in my virtual hanger for years now. This is the first simulation i bought from PMDG and it cost a small fortune back then and would still be regarded as a small fortune for a sim by today’s standards at $79.00. Back then my PC was older and it struggled to run this at any reasonable FPS. It’s been nagging me at the back of my mind to dust it off and try it out again. So i did and boy is it good. I would say it’s right up there with the 737-800 NGX. Not as polished but in terms of complexity and system depth it is on par. I forgot how massive it is and that weight comes across so well within the simulation.

PMDG MD-11.1

The FMS is simulated so well that you can use the actual MacDonald Douglass manual that pilots are issued with to programme it to a high degree of accuracy. I printed the manuals out for this back in the day and thankfully i still have them.


Running this fantastic simulation now on a modern rig is great. I’m off to New York virtually of course.

Majestic Dash 8

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I have purchased the pilot edition of the Dash 8 made by Majestic Software. It’s downloading as i type this. All the reviews that i have read have been ranging from very good to completely awesome. I flew in one of these aircraft last year to goto a festival on the Isle Of Mann flying from John Lennon Liverpool Airport. I will of course post a quick review of my own once i have learnt the procedures and got my head into the manual.



FsBuild, Topcat and PMDG.

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I use Fsbuild along with Topcat for most of my fuel and flight planning now. It took a bit of fiddling with cfg files etc to get the data in-putted to match up with what the computer (CDU) in PMDG 737-800 was outputting. I know you can just use the CDU to get all those figures and sometimes I do just that. However I prefer doing it this way because it is more realistic. It feels like a proper dispatch has been created for any given flight.

Today I put a flight together from EGCC (Manchester UK) to ESSA (Arlanda Stockholm). The preparation to set my desktop with all the correct hardware and the flight planning takes me about 20 minutes in total. Great flight that went without any problems apart from feeling rushed in the landing because the wife and kids were waiting for me to go out somewhere.

FsBuild 2.4, Topcat, Electronic Flight Bag.

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I am back flying the PMDG 737-800 NGX in FSX after having a break from it for a few weeks. The tools and utilities i use are as follows.

  1. Active Sky 2012 – for the weather
  2. Electronic Flight Bag – for the charts and procedures
  3. FsBuild 2.4 – For the flight planning and fuel calculation.
  4. Topcat – for the take off and landing performance data and FMC data.
  5. Ezdock – For camera movement within the sim.

I am also in the process of making a video to show how this all works together. At first it all looks a little complicated but it really isn’t and once you have done it once or twice it all becomes quite easy. The whole setting up and preparation for a flight in FSX is where most of the fun can be found.