Air to Air Refueling

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This along with carrier landings are some of the most challenging tasks you can do in Flight Simulation. Not only that but to do it as close to the procedures in real life as possible. 

I got AAR nailed when I was flying the F-16 in BMS. I remember the inherent frustration to begin with and then the slow persistence in practice to finally get that moment when you hook up. Then the fun begins and you have to stay on. 

It’s all the same in DCS. I think the F/A-18C is the easiest to learn AAR. For a start the jet itself is so stable and doesn’t require a constant trim by the pilot and second the probe is out front and to the right where you can clearly see it.

This amazing sim continues to challenge me and I am getting immense pleasure from it.

Real World Fighter Pilots – Tutorials and Discussions.

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Over the past few weeks I have been learning the basics of the early access DCS F/A-18C. This has been enhanced greatly by the exceptional and invaluable contributions from former and current fighter pilots who have flown this aircraft. I wish I was more articulate to get across how deeply this pleases me. Whenever I am learning something like this I always have that nagging question in the back of my head “would a real fighter pilot do it this way?”.

The two channels below have been a great asset for me and many others so far. I am sure if you have this simulation you will have come across these but for anyone that hasn’t please make sure you tap into this stuff if you’re interested in doing it like it it is done in real life.


A.E.W – Videos


LEX – Videos


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A 900 plus flight manual for the F/A-18C as used by real world pilots to learn and reference everything you need to know to operate the aircraft arrived today. I always like a hard copy of these things. The best thing about this for me is that it really applies to the DCS module. This is the place they get there data and other sources of course to build this fantastic simulation.

You can get a digital copy for free from this page