F-16 BMS 4.32 Dash 1

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I got the BMS 4.32 Flight Manual printed off in A5 size. I’m a bit old school and like the thick manuals that weigh a lot. This manual is so well written it was worth doing. I got it done in black and white to save on cost but this causes no problems.

Air to Air Refuelling BMS 4.32

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I get the dreaded “tanker entering turn” message just before i make contact when attempting air to air refuelling in 4.32 BMS. I don’t think i could have timed it any better. Or not as the case may be. If anyone who is reading this has ever set Falcon 4.0 BMS on full realistic settings and had a go a Air to Air Refuelling BMS 4.32 then they will know how hard it is to do this. I know some people may find air to air refuelling stuff easy but you don’t count.



Falcon 4.0 BMS 4.32

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This has to be the best Combat Flight Simulator that has ever been created for the home PC. At least i think so anyway. I have been flying this sim for well over 12 years now on and off. Through its many guises it never fails to bring a smile to my face when your able to execute a well made plan or simply firing a sidewinder in a tight dogfight and getting that hit. I have recently mastered Air to Air Refuelling  Mastered is probably the wrong word but i am confident enough to do it that i do add it into missions i design because it enhances them.

I have put off trying to learn it after some very frustrating attempts over the years but once it is cracked it really adds to the already great immersion of the sim. The graphics are of course dated but they certainly don’t take away from the experience of flying a modern fast jet. I am sure i will still be flying this in years to come and i say that with a positive mind set. It maybe a reflection of what’s on offer out there but i feel confident that with the work DCS are doing and others in the pipeline our genre for hardcore sims will make a great comeback if it isn’t already doing so.