Burning Metal

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I am about to begin a Command Ops scenario created by Ranger3X. It was played out by Chris which you can read at his blog The Sharp End Gaming (both great blogs that i catch up on a regular basis.) Anyway im pleased i have found time to sit here and get stuck into this fantastic game again. Whenever life is busy and i get a bit of time i always want to do this. So hopefully i can report back with some news on how this all pans out.

I’m going to play the side of the attacking forces in the form of The US 2nd Armored division. Up against The German 1st SS Panzer Division. I have 3 objectives to my west. Reehorst in the north, Bennekom directly to the west and Wagenngen to the south.  Two major routes of approach with one in the south and one in the north and a rail track running more or less in the middle. Time to plan.

If you want to download this you can get it HERE.

Burning Metal

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  • Chris


    Thanks for the mention Phil and I am looking forward to the AAR. Good luck!


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