Building A Retro Rig

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Over the years I have purchased simulations from the past that I never played because my job at the time (Army) simply didn’t allow me to. There was a period of time from when I left school up to the point of joining up when I was on my ZX Spectrum flying and playing various sims. I missed out on all of the Jane’s combat simulations. So now thanks to eBay I have a good collection of them.

These old games from the 1990’s don’t run well on modern systems. I can get them going but they frequently crash and the install process is tedious. So I am going to build a retro PC. It will be based around Windows 98se.I have read some good articles on how this is best achieved but one of the most striking things for me was to get out of the mindset that fast is always good. These games were not designed to be played on super fast PC’s. I tried Janes longbow 2 on my rig and it was like flying at the speed of light.

So I am now trawling through car boot sales and auctions in order to get hold of these old parts.

Does anyone have a Voodoo FX 3 graphics card gathering dust anywhere šŸ™‚

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