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It takes a lot of ammunition to suppress the AT gun on the left flank but eventually 1st Platoon takes the position without taking a casualty. The left is starting to open up.

CM 4

In the mean time I send out a squad on the right very slowly. I manage to get them into a building and also give them a Light Tank in support. I am aware of exposing a tank so early but its time to earn their pay. ┬áThe right flank recon spots an enemy tank. It’s a Panzer IV. The Panzer is facing towards the windmills behind some farm buildings. It’s risky but I decide to send the Stewart V round to the right to hit from its weakest point, its ass. It works!! I can’t believe my luck.

CM 6

This opens up the right flank nicely for me. I send two platoons out to the right and get them in around the farm buildings where they start suppressing an AT gun and machine gun position the North East of the map. This also allows me to move my 2 tanks out to the right. It feels like a good position to be in to start concentrating on the main objective. I’m careful to give all my units good positions and good arcs of fire something I neglect on the longer missions through sheer laziness which is ridiculous because this is the whole point of the game.

CM 7

The left flank pushes up and is in good cover on a large bank overlooking the objective. I have troops in a great position on the right. I am keen to push in on the objective but hold back to give the men a rest and get more organized. I am also blessed with reinforcements in the form of 2 Crusaders AA and various troops some with AT weapons which at first I think is great but the mission designer has something of a surprise for me because the very next turn Tanks and APC’s spawn towards the north-east.

CM 8

I send everything up to the right to greet these chaps to the battle. I lose a couple of Stewart’s in the process and that counter attack by the Germans is soon dealt a blow. I decide its time to go for the objective before this gets messier than it already is. I get the left flank to pour on as much suppressive fire as they can. I wait a turn and then move the main body of the right flank into the objective. It goes well but I lose a few troops in the final assault. The armour is taken care of by the last AA gun.

CM 9

I get a major victory (rare) I’m not pleased with the amount of men I lost though. I think I need to be more patient because I had plenty of time left. This is the first time I have physically sweated while playing a game in many months.

CM 10


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  • Chris


    Hi Phil. Great AAR. The terrain looks incredibly tough. No cover and from what I can see so everyone is exposed. This looks like a really challenging scenario.



    • Phil


      Yeah I’ve been a bit of a wimp and shied away from the more challenging missions before. Gives me great confidence to tackle the more difficult ones now. Just started the Market Garden Campaign and i had a great first mission.


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