BMS 4.34 Comms.

Written by Phil on . Posted in Falcon 4.0

The whole communication simulation in BMS has gone through an extensive overhaul and now adds a fascinating layer to an already mature and deeply interesting simulation.

This is also interlaced with the updated Air Traffic Control system. Using UHF and VHF with the additional presets make it intuitive and  immersive.

As in real life the briefing now includes a plethora of frequencies that are to be used in your flight, the package and across the battlefield. There is a lot of information that may seem overwhelming at first but after extracting the data that’s pertinent to you and your mission it soon becomes an enjoyable part of the  pre-flight experience.

Start-up, taxing, taking off and hand off to departure all require a change in frequency. This is following realistic communications flows to get you safely around the airport and into a clear part of  air for your onward journey.

This has never been achieved so well in any simulation I have used and its amazing to see such an old simulation still breaking new ground and showing the rest how it is done.

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