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First Leg

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I completed the first leg of The Around The World Challenge. From Blackpool to Carlisle in the UK.  At just over 80 miles i thought this would be quite simple. For the Challenge you can only use 3 different types of plane i chose the Cessna Caravan. I have to admit i haven’t flown this or an aircraft like it for many years. Anyway nothing to complicated but just after take off i was looking around the cockpit and just above my head to the right i flicked a fuel switch which made the engine die. Dropped altitude to keep the speed up and i managed to get it going again. It’s surprising how much being recorded during the flight can add pressure. Great stuff i love it!


Around The World

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Something i am sure most flight sim enthusiasts have thought about doing is flying around the world virtually.

I have made an attempt about 3 years ago but my pc died and life stuff got in the way. A great approach to this challenge is from these guys over at Around The World Club. A great website and the whole thing looks well organised. To read about other people doing it and seeing there progress is a great motivator. I am eagerly awaiting an email to see if i can be let in.


Planning Charts

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I recently saw an in flight video on You Tube and the Captain of the flight spoke about charts and planning. He was really enthusiastic about showing some charts a fellow Captain had developed for himself and his colleagues. I got in touch with him through his site and asked if i could share the charts here. No problem he said so i have posted them HERE for you to use.

You can also get them from his site here if you choose to do so after a quick registration.


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I purchased VOX ATC the other day. I have only had time to do one flight which went OK. I will do a proper review of it when i get a chance to use it properly. £86 for the DVD though (not what i paid i got the download) are they having a laugh?

Max FPS test in FSX

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I set all the sliders to the right in the graphics options in FSX to see how my system could handle it. I was using PMDG 737-800 which has a quite a big hit on fps, REX, Active Sky 2012 and some scenery add-ons. It was ok without Fraps running i was getting about 30-40 fps but while recording it dropped down to 12-20 fps. Very pleased with the results.

Click Here for the results.