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Wargame Airland Battle

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I have no idea why the Silent Hunter sims are not working on my setup but I just can't get them to run. I haven't given up and will be getting a new solid state drive in a couple of weeks so when that gets here i will try to install on a freshly formatted drive.

In the meantime I picked up Wargame Airland Battle from Steam. If Battlefront used the same control system on there Combat Missions series of games they would be far better for it. The system is very intuitive. I've had a great time in single player mode so far. I have to admit its a bit of a click fest but the hardware on offer is fantastic . I love the Cold War era of combat. This is a fantastically refreshing game and has the best interface of a RTS I have ever played. Well worth a look in.



Yep Silent Hunter 5

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I can’t for the life of me get Silent Hunter 3 or 4 to work on my set up. I have had loads of help from the chaps over at Sub-Sim and between us we can’t get anywhere. I did manage to get them working to a point and even had a go at a few training missions but after that they just won’t boot. Short of doing a format and a full Windows install i give up. So i have heard bad things about Silent Hunter 5 but my appetite for a World War 2 Sub Simulation is just to great and i have heard some mods can make it ok. It only cost me a few quid and it runs on my machine.

Just a short note to say i am going into a few days of exams with a course i have been doing at work so i’m in full revision mode. I will continue to read your blogs of course but i won’t be doing any serious simming or gaming until i finish this stuff. Probably a week or so.

Silent Hunter 3

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Well after i posted below RangerX3X suggested i try Silent Hunter 3 as he thought it was better than Wolves of the Pacific. I have the Silent Hunter 3 cd sitting on my shelf so it was a no brainer. I’m in the process of getting the mods etc and it’s a bank holiday over here in the UK so i should in theory be able to get some time on this PC. I can only hope.


What the?

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I have literally had no time to pursue my hobby at all. Which is why it has been slightly quiet around here. I have managed to get some scenarios going in Steal Beasts Pro in anticipation of the new release but nothing to shout about. I have been considering getting Silent Hunter 4 with all the mods on my hard drive in an effort to expand on the Naval stuff here. So this weekend barring any disasters i will have a go and report back promptly.


Combat Mission

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I am all over the place with the amount of games i have going on at the moment and each one calling me to play more. I wish i could.

For ages i have looked for an RTS or RPG game that isn’t a click fest. I was looking for a strategy game that you can sit back, think about and plan and have to use sound tactics to get anywhere. It had to be modern warfare or any of the World Wars. I downloaded the demo for Combat Missions Battle For Normandy about 2 years ago, i had a go and i just didn’t like the clunky control system. I deleted it and then a few months later i had another go, the same thing happened. Anyway on with my search. Every time i looked for the slower more cerebral game i kept on coming back to Combat Mission. So i took the plunge and just purchased it.

This kind of forced me to get my head round it. So after watching a few tutorials and reading through the great forums over at i managed to complete my first mission with a decisive victory. The satisfaction of doing that was awesome. This has to be added as another game and i can already hear my wife getting the divorce papers ready after spending way to much time doing this.

CM Normandy