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Way back in the old days when I had a ZX Spectrum one of the first games I played was Air traffic Control. ATC simulations have always been….well….simulated on computers. It’s an easy relationship and when done well can get very close to the real thing which is the whole point.

Recently ATC Pro sold at Flight1 was released and this is without a doubt the benchmark of ATC sims. The voice recognition is fantastic. It’s not flawless but you won’t find any sort of voice recognition that is. With this though you don’t feel like you are fighting it. If you tell an aircraft to “Turn right heading zero one zero descend to three thousand feet” It will indeed do that and reply in the correct way. A lot of research has clearly gone into this to make as real as possible. For instance one of the facilities you can control is Seattle. There are videos on YouTube of controllers doing this for real. The comparison within the simulation to the video is superb. I recognise the procedures and the approaches. The controller is saying the stuff I say.

Forget all the other ATC simulation efforts out there this is the real deal. I have already ploughed a ridiculous amount of hours into this and long may that continue.

“Turn left inbound until established on the localiser”

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